Thursday, 16 June 2011

BroomHill tech demo

To celebrate the newly unveiled Away3D website, and to showcase the power of Broomstick and Molehill compared to previous Flash players and Away3D frameworks, I wanted to share this little client demo. (Incubator player required).

UPDATE: Flash 11 Beta is out on labs and the example has been modified to run under the new F11 plugin. Incubator users should update before clicking the image below.

Zooming in (mousewheel) reveals detailed textures mixing bitmap and vector graphics. (Just type in the box to change the text).

Getting even closer you can see the actual structure of the micro-mesh, even the microscopic holes. 

 And my favourite, the "shwoosh", a real-time physics simulation that just shows how different this player/framework combo really is.
Congratulations Away3D team on this awesome new framework and site :) 


Anonymous said...


Great work ! It's sad there is no comments but i encourage you !
And I'm agree with you about the Flash 11 official release date ... I'm waiting on my side too and stuck on some projects ...


Jeff said...

Thanks alot Jeff :O)

ben whiting said...


Quick question for you, what differences are their in your code between the flash player 11 beta and the incubator build? Is it something that can be modified at runtime based on a version check?

then something
else if(incubator)
something else
download this "blabla.exe"

or is the difference in the embed code in the html?


and will check the demo out at home where I have the beta installed :) said...

Now the Flash player has moved into Beta, the incubator player is obsolete. To update your content you need to remove any reference to Stage3D.viewPort which is no longer there.
If you're using Away3D, just download the latest version from GitHub.

Unknown said...

Just saw this example today... looks great!

Apart from the actual context of the post can you shed some light on a different aspect...

Are the shadows below the shirt real time too? and if yes, any pointers :)

I created a class which casts soft shadows using png textures, looks just fine but for objects which are not deformed.

ak said...

shadow was baked. Away3D 4.1 now gives you the chance to do "real" soft shadows

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