Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Flash Player 11 - Release Candidate 1

We are approaching probably the most exciting Flash Player release in history!
Not since version 4 introduced scripting has there been a more major update.
We've been through quite a few beta versions, and visitors to the site will likely have experienced broken demos, as with each development cycle updates were necessary, and if you didin't have the right player, for the right demo, it was tough luck.

This morning, rather than play my customery game of online Scrabble, I went through all my old experiments and recompiled for Flash Player RC1. As the name suggests, this is not the final version, but it's worth testing some content with it, and reporting to Adobe any issues you might come across.

I'm sad to see that support for Intel graphics has been removed as it was running beautifully on my media center before this release. Apart from that, it seems very stable. Look forward to seeing it on mobile soon :O)

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm working on a 3D racing game using Stage 3D, I hope they release the final version as soon as possible!

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