Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Introducing Atomizer

As seen in an earlier post, I've been messing with image based 3D. That is to say encoding 3D information into video. The technique is showing some promise, and I've started formalising it into an exporter for 3D Studio MAX and an AS3 library for Flash/Away3D. Here's another quick example. Please view in fullscreen.

To the right of the curtains you will see a small, wierd animation/film, that looks like this:

That is actually all the information needed to drive the curtain animation, that is happening realtime, as appose to a video. The vertex positions are simply captured and made into a video, that could be streamed over the net.
As you can see the video is very small. As described in a previous post it can also be applied to meshes of varying resolution.

Here's the same 3D animation with camera control



Jeff said...


Really nice result and a very interesting technique ... thanks for sharing, can't wait your next post on that ;-). I wanted to send you a mail but I do not find any.


Videometry.net said...

Cheers Jeff,
the mail is: info [at] videometry dot net

SasMaster said...

Hi ,can you extend on your technique? I didn't really get you.What do you mean by "encoding 3D into video" .Is the curtain animation here a sheer video that is encoded from the real time simulation ?Or what? Sorry for a stupid question...

Videometry.net said...
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Videometry.net said...

The video contains vertex positions encoded as colors. The engine reads the colors and assigns to vertex positions in real-time. Here's the same demo with Camera control so you can see that it's 3D

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