Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Introducing Atomic

Here's a first glimpse of our new 3D class for Flash10, Atomic.
Wait a while for the 300K model to load then click the screen to start. There's some primitve navigation via mouse position.

This actual t-shirt design is available at

The idea of Atomic is to be like the atom itself, very small yet surprisingly powerful.
Rendering quality is the number one priority, closely followed by speed. Materials are written as shaders in Pixel Bender. The example uses a material that combines a Normal and Diffuse map.

Why a new "flash 3D engine"? With Flashplayer 10, a little knowledge of 3D maths and shaders, the developer can arguably achieve just as good, and maybe even better results using Flashes inbuilt classes than importing large external libraries.
The missing element right now is that Flash player supports no native 3D formats, and that the drawing API does not support native z-sorting. Atomic handles these two issues, leaving the rest up to the developer and the particular project.

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