Monday, 1 November 2010

Mountains from Molehill

I've always been quick to criticise Adobe for their handling of Flash and the Flash community and so I feel it's only fare to give them deserved kudos in light of recent developments.

I'm mainly referring to the upcoming Molehill 3D API's, but also their inroads into the mobile market.
While we lowly developers will have to patiently wait for the "the first half of 2011" to get our hands on the new Flash Player with access to OpenGL/DirectX, I think it's worth noting that Adobe have been smart enough to allow leaders in the realm of 3D Flash, namely the excellent Away3D and Alternativa teams, early access to the technology. They have already built convincing demos,

After a shaky year which has seen Flash scuppered by Apple, only to be reinstated, it now looks like Flash will retain it's title as the absolute most ubiquitous platform for multi-media applications on practically all platforms, web, iOS, Android, Windows mobile and emerging TV technologies.

I am excited to be a Flash developer again. I can peddle my wares with confidence and continue to maintain over for my clients that Flash is the best platform currently available for their projects and will continue to be so, giving longevity to their investments in online/mobile applications.

Just a year ago I was daunted by the idea that I would have to master new technologies and languages to operate in the fragmented world of mobile devices. Now, through the hard work of the Adobe engineers we can effortlessly leverage our flash skills in new areas. It is a wonderful gift they have given us and I am truly thankful (for once!)

My two main skills have always been Flash and 3D. Flash in 3D has always been one huge workaround. To see these two mediums come together so convincingly is truly awe inspiring. I'm looking forward to making Mountains out of Molehill and pushing the *new* boundaries of Flash.

UPDATE: Now Available on Labs!