Monday, 24 October 2011

Cubic Bezier Curves - Flash 11

With all the (deserved) hype surrounding Stage3D, it's easy to miss some of the other great new features of Flash Player 11.

Over the weekend I tried and failed to find an example of Cubic Bezier Curves (cubicCurveTo), so there was no way out but to build one. In the past this would required a degree in maths and a minimum 4 litres of Red Bull, but with the new command any idiot can do it, and here's the proof...


Click to add a point, click and drag to set the bezier curve. Right click to either "end" or "close" the polygon.
Once the polygon is drawn, use the control points to change the curves and vertex positions.
Press "Reset" to, err, reset.

And here's the source to get you started on your very own Illustrator clone.